Growing the Edgefield Mindset (G.E.M.)

Are there skills you think you can never pick up in school? Well, prepare to be surprised at Edgefield!

The Applied Learning Programme (ALP) of our school, G.E.M. “Growing the Edgefield Mindset” programme aims to develop you with capabilities through authentic learning so as to prepare you for the changing world.

From honing skills and competencies in critical and inventive thinking, collaboration skills, to advanced life skills such as alertness-to-opportunity and bouncing back from failures, G.E.M equips you with advanced problem-solving skills to become an Entre/Intrapreneur! You will be exposed to various authentic platforms to solve real-world problems and benefit the community using an interdisciplinary approach.

G.E.M culminates in ARTasFEST, a milestone carnival attracting more than 5000 participants! Design your own Escape Room, collaborate with entrepreneurs, run your own pop-up store or carnival games booth, concoct your favourite drinks, host Instagram marketing campaigns, acquire deep learning and then find yourself suffering from ARTasFEST withdrawal symptoms!

Future Ready Programme

An earthquake hits. Mayhem breaks out. There is news of missing people who might be trapped somewhere. They have 8 minutes to evacuate or they may not survive. Edgefield’s search team immediately gets to work to survey the surroundings and locate the victims. But how is the small team going to search 8000 square metres within that short span of time? By programming and deploying drones! The drones will give them an aerial perspective of the situation and help them observe signs of human life as well as obtain critical information to direct the rescue team to the right locations.

This exciting simulation is part of Edgefield’s thoughtfully crafted Future Ready ProgrammeTM to prepare students for the future.

That’s not all. Other scenarios include commissioning a task force to tackle nationwide food scarcity and water shortage through urban farming and water harvesting methods, setting up an innovative social experiment to enable Singaporeans to experience the impact of a diverse society and building a physical model of a floating city which can be implemented in the event of critical sea levels.

FRP ensures that our students are equipped with key skills of the future, such as complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity (Future of Jobs report, OECD) and keep pace with future developments through a series of keystone programmes. Framed by Howard Gardner's Five Minds for the Future, where learning experiences are designed for students to apply the thinking or actions needed to thrive in our future world, students have opportunities to see the relevance of the skills have acquired through various platforms, such as the Future Skills Day and Future Problem Solving Programme (FPSP). FPSP is an international competition where students apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to hypothetical future situations. Edgefield’s Future Ready Programme looks at current technological, geo-political, and societal trends and projects those trends 20 to 30 years into the future, training students to develop solutions to the challenges they may face as adults.

Besides being ‘exam-smart’ and ‘book-smart’, an Edgefielder is also ‘street-smart’ and world-ready.