ARTasFEST, the signature biennial student-organized event under our Applied Learning Programme, is a showcase of the future-ready capabilities of our Edgefield students.

ARTasFEST is an event that is so unique to Edgefield and serves as something that students look forward to year after year. We get to build communication skills, hone our confidence and motivation as well as improve our organisational skills. The scale and the vibe of ARTasFEST also gives Edgefield Sec an exciting heartbeat. The vibrant atmosphere is one that is truly brought together by the school community. I believe that this event gives everyone something to be excited about, and is something worth coming together as a class, a CCA, and ultimately a school.
Zesiree Kok Shuang Yi (Year 3 Einstein, 2023)
Steering Committee I/C, ARTasFEST 2023