Ngu Hou Jin


NFTE was an eyeopener for me. Initially, most people in my class didn’t take it too seriously, including myself, to be honest. But when I started to prepare my presentation slides and researched my business idea, it piqued my interest, and I put more effort into it. I was really surprised to be in the Top Six.

On his ambition to be a pilot

NFTE allowed me the opportunity to be part of a mentorship programme. When I shared with my mentor that I wanted to be a pilot, he asked me what courses I expected to take to achieve this goal. I had never thought about it until he had asked. So I went home to research it and the next day, he helped me chart a pathway. I hope to do Aerospace Avionics in ITE, and then hopefully Aerospace Engineering in poly. Maybe I’ll see if I can continue to University after that, and get a pilot’s license.


On being in Normal Tech

I was upset when I was posted to Normal Tech. I felt that I could have put in more effort. But I’ve enjoyed my years in my class. I felt that not everything was about grades, and it was not a competitive atmosphere. The morale was actually high. My classmates and I talked about life and how we could motivate one another.


NFTE meant a lot to me. It introduced me to how businesses work, how they analyse their data, how finances are managed and how to bring an idea to fruition. I was skeptical at first because the programme was mandatory. But after guidance from our teachers and the Halogen mentors, my mindset changed.

On the mentoring programme

I learned how to manage stress and finances from my mentor – life skills that would play a big role in my adult life. I realised that stress is normal, we will all encounter it. The way to counter it is to identify the cause and decide whether it is something within my control or not.

On his ambition to be a nurse

My dream is to be a nurse, doctor or a psychiatrist. I’m one step closer, now that I’ve been accepted as a nursing student in poly via EAE. After I become a nurse, I want to upgrade my skills.

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