I started in the teaching service in May 2011 and Edgefield is my first posting… At first, I didn’t even know where Edgefield was – I had to Google it! I was surprised to be posted to a new school as a rookie teacher. Back then, there were only 16 staff, and we occupied a small corner of the staff room.

My experience compared to my peers who went to older schools was different. At a new school, there are no established processes or firm culture. That made it both exciting and challenging to be at Edgefield – there was much to do and much to learn. It was ‘all hands on deck’!

After 10 years, I would say Edgefield has come a long way and really stabilised. Our strength is that we are willing to try new ways of doing things, because we are not bound by any old ways. We are able to offer students something different that other schools cannot.

I keep in touch with my old students on social media. Seeing them in different fields and professions, I’m amazed at how they have made their own way in life, and are doing great for themselves.