At the Edgefield Entrepreneur Club, we learn all aspects of running a business. Everything from designing a product, marketing and selling them, managing the costs and profits. I had no clue about business concepts or principles before this. But now, I know some, and I’m ready to help my mother run her home business.

What would I say to ask other students to consider joining our CCA? “We will teach you how to make money! It’s fun!” On a serious note, we learn life skills – like using skills of persuasion in a positive manner, and project management – I literally wrote out a time table for my exam revision because of the skills I picked up!

To be honest, out of all the subjects offered in school, I find myself most interested in Art. I hope to get a degree in fine arts, and sell my art. That’s my dream.

Like Nelson Mandela said once: A vision without action is just a dream, action without vision just passes the time, but vision with action can change the world. If someone doesn’t step forward to achieve what we want to do in the Club, we will never be able to make our goals become a reality. For myself, I hope to make my art dream a reality too.