I distinctly remember thinking at the ExCo prefectorial board interviews, that I didn’t want to be the Head Prefect. There were just so many other exceptional leaders in my batch. I thought I wasn’t very outspoken and charismatic. But when the opportunity came, I agreed to step up and take the role.

Standing at the podium during the investiture, it was daunting. Would I be able to lead this school in the next year? I was putting on a brave front. But I looked down at the audience and saw my prefects, and the other student leaders. And I felt reassured at that moment, because I saw that these were the reliable friends and capable leaders that I would be journeying with.

Looking back, I’m really glad for that little push into the unknown. Edgefield is the place that kickstarted my journey in leadership. If I hadn’t said yes to being a Head Prefect, I wouldn’t have said yes to all the other leadership opportunities that came my way in polytechnic and university.

My advice to Edgefielders: Look beyond the academics, and take the opportunities that the school gives you. As teens, we tend to have lots of self-doubt: Should I take on this role? Am I up to the task? The road ahead can be scary and daunting, but there will always be people to journey alongside you – the teachers and your friends. Take that leap of faith and do it!